Introduction to the Ministry

Christlike Ministries Worship Center is located at 1520 S. Orchard Road in the city of Vineland, New Jersey. We bring you greetings as Sons and Daughters of God: joint-heirs to the kingdom. We want to genuinely thank you for visiting our new and improved website: Experience the Thunder! For those who do not know us, we want to share a little bit about ourselves as a ministry and as a church.

Christlike Ministries Worship Center is a Pentecostal Deliverance Ministry. Under the leadership of our Chief Apostle, Dr. Darlene D. Bryant and Sr. Pastor Jeffrey H. Bryant, we are exploding to new levels in God. We are reaching past the normal expectations of man and striving for the godly insight that flows down from the throne of grace. As a body, we are diverse in nature each contributing our God-given gifts to build and uplift the people of God. In addition, we seek to empower other Christians to strive for peculiarity in their ministry, in their daily lives, their neighborhood and community.

As a ministry, our commitment is to spread through outreach the message of salvation, redemption and deliverance to those in need of a word. That is our assignment and mind-set: to share the unconditional, never failing, living word of God to those who are in situations that try to bind and keep them from reaching their promise. We want to remind you that there is a WORD of peace, healing, love, grace, mercy and forgiveness in the atmosphere waiting to surround you.

Whether it is at your sanctuary or ours, God will be in the midst as we celebrate Jesus together in the spirit of unity. As fellow worshippers of Christ, we extend an invitation for you to fellowship with us. Likewise, if you are having a special service - please do not hesitate to send us an invitation. We are in anticipation of a mighty move straight from the throne of God. "The Church Where Everyone is Welcome!